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LogiCue Controller with Power Supply

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Item Number: LC1
The LogiCue System:  Easy to set up, easy to use.
  • Connects together with ordinary microphone cable.
  • Cue lights can be daisy-chained or connected with "Y" cables .
  • Six different color options for the standby light.
  • Can operate as single color off and on (on is standby, off is go).
  • Can operate in red/green mode (red is standby, green is go).
  • Acknowledge feature that allows the person on stage to verify to the stage manager that the cue light has been seen.   When the standby button on the Logicue controller is pressed twice, the cue light on that channel and the led on the controller begins to blink on and off.  When the button on the cue light is pressed, the cue light stops blinking and the led on the controller stops blinking.  This tells the operator of the controller that someone "acknowledged" the cue light.

LogiCue Controller Features:
  • Tactile "clicky" buttons have a positive feel.  You know when it has been pressed without looking.
  • LED on each button to show that it has been pressed.
  • Master Go button for triggering groups of cue lights at once.
  • Clear button for clearing Go light  when cue lights are in "Red/Green/Blue" mode.
  • The LogiCue Controller.....cures light board envy.

Cue lights are not included with the controller, they are sold separately.  Click here for cue light information.

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