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he LogiCue System is a cue light system built around the needs and desires of stage managers and technicians.

It features:

Acknowledge Feature:  The button on the cue light can be pressed to signal to the controller that the cue light was seen.
Self Check Feature:  When the power is turned on, the controller automatically indicates which cue lights are plugged in and properly addressed.
  • 12 channels of control
  • Quick setup using standard microphone cable
  • Compact control surface (about the size of a small laptop)
  • Tactile "clicky" buttons like the ones used on popular lighting consoles
  • On is standby, off is go
  • Cue lights can be changed to one of 6 different colors
  • Cue lights can also be configured as red standby and green go
  • Cue lights have digital readout indicating their address
  • Made in the USA
  • And so many more features.......Take a look!